Olive and Grapes ile ilgili görsel sonucu


One of the two loyal products accompanying the story of the human being since the beginning of the grape is of course olive. If you perform the poetic rise of Esrikliğini with the first one, you will find the other that corresponds to all kinds of troubles about the continuity of vitality.

Ä°lgili resim


Olive is a wise tree. The long life span rested the residue of time on the big body and ossified its teaching. It is the skill of the human child that he corresponds to a multi-purpose identity with his tree. It is a tight companion from war to peace, from past to future.

A small part of the branch is enough to symbolize peace; However, the oil removed from the olive at the end of the innocent branch is transformed into a unique defense means by burning the enemy when it is boiled in boilers at the time of war.


Olive has an easy relationship with the five senses: the deflected branches that take over the low hills, are the visual characteristics of nature. Its indispensable taste and nutritional value have turned into a two thousand year old habit on language.

It makes a very early call to a curious nose. The essential deep silence to give ears should be explained with respect to the solemn wisdom.