You need to think a bit about life. What could be more than a person’s beliefs that connect a person to this strange life? But what to believe? Believe in God for whom, for whom, and for whom.

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The most difficult thing to believe in the power of believing in supernatural powers and the ease of being able to blame those who are beyond their control seems to believe in him. But what is easy is everything as a child. To believe.

Man, almost believes in everything that comes in front of him as a child, and also with his eyes closed. It is believed that a thousand exaggerated, supernatural and even absurd things are naive until the giants of the fairy tales can eat their bread.

Is it easy to fool children or if we ask them to believe something, if believing requires a logical act of thought, it seems easier to convince children.

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As it may seem, because the logic of the adult does not yet have its share of the doomed paths to gain access to, it is possible to say that children prefer to be fooled by the elders rather than by believing in the world of the big ones.