Tearful thoughts are javelin in my head. Outgoing, logical, irrational, positive negative thoughts. Of course it’s not like that all the time. Sometimes I have no thoughts in my mind. My mind is empty. That’s when I think I have a brain.

Ä°lgili resim


Maybe I’m either sitting or sleeping for hours without thinking about it or thinking about it. The interesting thing is that I’m not getting bored when I’m lying in this empty void. It is almost as if the space in my mind is united with the gigantic void of space. Without my being, I’m in this uncharted void.
The doorbell rings. Who is this time of night? I decide not to open it first, then change my decision and go to the door:
-Who is it? I’m asking, no answer. He keeps knocking.

Letter ile ilgili görsel sonucu


I’m opening the door angrily. I intend to make a heavy saying. But no one, I look forward; people do not look around. I intend to go in, I realize there’s an envelope on the doorstep. I bend over and get the envelope.
I sit at my table and open the envelope, it says in a double folded paper:

You can’t find me, but I will find you when I want you. I fly like a bird, I love to fly. Let us fly together and this flight will never end. You decide in flight time.

Same as the previous note except the last sentence. The paper and writing are the same. Could someone be playing games to drive me crazy?