Stress is a kind of survival system that can provide us with extra energy, motivation and focus. For example, there are stories of a mother who draws a car to rescue a trapped child. Sometimes students postpone their studies and assignments because they perform much better by postponing at the last minute.

Stress ile ilgili görsel sonucu

For some people, stress works correctly: performances and functions are adversely affected by pressure. In addition, they often need sensitive characters such as people with high irritation. Not only are people with an autistic disorder, but also gifted and sensitive people.

For this reason, stress acts as an increase in your normal functioning, but for some people they show a performance. You can also see it as a spare engine that you can use when you have to do 200% of regular events, not only in emergency situations.

Problems arise when people constantly want to use or experience stress and performance. The backup motor of our body is not intended to be constantly active. We need regular recovery and rest to handle the burden. Otherwise your robbery will depend on your energy.

Ä°lgili resim

If you constantly ignore the limits of your mental and physical functioning, sooner or later, the backup engine will be broken. And because your normal operation is linked to your standard ‘engine and performance, they fail. You can’t even work 100%.