It exists in the nature of mankind. Don’t take care of yourself. And again we are people’s nature. Not being aware of the beauty in your hand.

What can happiness do? ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In fact, what is true is that we will take care of someone else’s life and accept our lives as they are. The simplest rule of this is to know that we are satisfied with everything we live in and not to insist ourselves for not being able to live.

And most importantly, to find happiness not in external factors, but in us. We can’t really apply this to the fact that we all know.

Life is beautiful, but no satisfaction. There is no end to luxury, sultan, always wanting better. As we raise our standard of living, we are actually not aware of our responsibilities and burden.

Ä°lgili resim

Sometimes, believe, live just breathe. Well, full of health, peace, peace. What is in this world? First health and freedom after. Is it not the greatest happiness to wake up to a new day with health and to act without anyone else’s yoke? Must love unlimitedly, should be loved, be free of our egos, help those in need, drink in a rain, drink tea in a fine cup, order a coffee to our friend, read a book, make mistakes, apologize, laugh frantically, eat a big slice of cake, he must be drunk, give gifts, sometimes be alone, and sometimes get into crowds.