When we are looking for someone to share when something nice comes to mind that there is no one, and that beautiful thing is no longer something important. The fact that we realize the absence of something often happens when we need it. The loneliness of loneliness is a process of loneliness because it is not alone before.

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Most people choose loneliness as their own choice, as they do not want to be in charge of anyone else but themselves.
In fact, we don’t know what is called solitude, or where it can go. We should not look at everyone as friendship, sometimes people’s faces may not carry anything other than a picture gallery, and conversations can be like ringing a bell. It is easy to meet our concrete needs that are seen by hand, and it is easy to meet the abstract ones.

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Is it not to be in a relationship with someone, the absence of a group of friends, the social, but living alone? While we are sitting alone at home, sometimes we are sitting alone at a crowded table. The existence or absence of some people does not feel lonely, but they have to be in general communication.