It was also called around that did have a whole lot of events around it! Or was it the day-to-day rescue tactic of today’s chronic indifference? What did you think of that whirlpool you were in? Did you postpone it like the others?

Ungrateful sons ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We had no intention of losing hope in our eyes, which people looked dirty, like glass. We were the ungrateful sons of those families who worked until the morning and filled with nails, preparing us for the clean future, but changing it to dirty minds.

We were not told that we had come to a world where we would sacrifice the dressing that we received.

We were the ungrateful sons of your father’s father who would never know the last thing he had received for himself;

Will we learn the clean dirt between the nails and the dirty minds hidden in the clean clothes?

Wasn’t this lesson taken because we did not reconcile ourselves with the ungrateful, clumsy character in cliché series? The desire to have the most perfect was the othered truths!

Ä°lgili resim

Won’t you confess to despairing where you came from, the tables you went to teach? It wasn’t from the fact that they presented the riches with riches in fancy trays, to the tables, to them, to succumb to them!

Are you going to learn all the contradictions, the meaning of the utterance and the misrepresentation of the utterances.