The man who knows himself does not live in everything and does not tell anyone, instead of breaking the apocalypse like all others become silent and noble, making everything worthy of his personality. But the value of good acting is visible in the nature of man, which is also constructive but give value to the shredder behind it. Children who are often consciously taken with the image of intentions to silence when they are young, are silenced in the same way these days.

Everything we live in ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The desire for material power, the desire to be liked, the love to win, the love, the appearance, the show, the psychology of me, the snake who did not touch me finished the logic of a thousand and a half lives.

In fact, people need a little ego, self-confidence, modesty is also important to be balanced, not to overdo. Ego and self-confidence should not be confused and should not be forgotten in the complex. A positive approach can often protect us from negativity. Again in the same way with the arrogance of his life choices for his life should not be confused.

Ä°lgili resim

Everyone wants to go to the top but the summit is the last stop. We’re in the integrated system, we see the peak if we see the summit.