The stupid courage of a person who has no intention of realizing his ego does not make it possible for him to construct his character; courage, inferiority, the creation does not cover this conception. I’m more engaged in these intellectual depths.

communication ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Although I cannot pass on my mind, you should know that it is not possible, although I try to shift my focus to another point in the field of action.

When I witness the intellectual shallows of the people in my life, I have no feelings of pity and shame towards them in my heart, and I feel a strange happiness as I remember having such an ordinary personality; it was also possible to recruit happiness from someone else’s limited creation. I don’t insult them, just listens, very few, trying to understand and interpret.

Of course, the communication is not progressing in a very pleasurable way because it always turns to the same point. I’m even gonna start believing that there’s no communication between me and some people? We want to attack each other with words and we want to dominate in every sense, more precisely, to control.

Ä°lgili resim

To know that the authority is only in itself, as if offering the right to humiliate the other, but the point we missed is: If no one is not in need of them and completely obey the Creator as the worship of kings does not mean a sense alone? Obedience makes the authority legitimate and justified.