Never forget that you can’t win quickly and you lose. When he learns that defeat is a re-start, when he discovers that happiness is the point of view, when he gives up empty pride, when he is the observer of himself, when he criticizes himself and he is at peace with himself, he realizes that when he realizes that maturity is not the end, he matures.

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Hope, never hoping but not realizing. He feels bad when he’s doing something good. Time, circumstances and people are changing us, because they shape people, they live and change, we don’t want to be as good as they used to be. What the broken heart comes from, the water is broken from the cup, even though there is no heart broken bone. It’s hard to change people, but it’s ridiculous to give up. Even if they don’t change, they realize the mistake and they still try it, and we, too. Sometimes you need to leave the juice flow too hard to force.

Our lives develop when we evaluate the necessary chances and risks. We must struggle first, we are already struggling with things, we are grappling with something, we are upset and we are still working. Before sharing with someone in our lives, we need to establish happiness, unhappiness consciousness stability, so it’s easy to leave. It’s better to be alone than a bad one.

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It is not hard to turn your way in the right direction when you are in the wrong places, and if you connect the same things routinely, the results will always be the same. Let it go, let it be where you will be, connect to goals to be happy, not to people or objects.