Freedom is not something that someone gives, it is the greatest right to get out of life. If you need to pay the fee, there is nothing free. Freedom is not related to others; Limitations begin with all these interventions.

Freedom ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We are free as human beings, but where the freedom of others begins, our freedom ends. Sometimes it connects, sometimes you stay connected. You can’t even push the limits you know to be taken. Sometimes, life bonding and sometimes foot bonding are not what we can do to keep life.

In fact, we do not draw our borders completely and freely, we cannot draw, or they are drawn by someone, the society in which we live, or our fear that we are afraid of doing wrong and that we are limited by ourselves. Boundaries do not leave anyone else inside you. The unqualified person continues his life as questioned. We know how to accept, but we can’t handle it. No one was forced to push the boundaries.

You don’t have to do what everyone does, you’re a different individual, and it doesn’t matter who goes where you go after you choose your own path. A person acting like this has brought a lot to life and to himself, but the unconscious society lacks enough awareness to see it, because this is the order. Let the way of the majority not confuse you, set your own path so you don’t fall into the bulk trap.

possibility ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The freedom of a soul who can escape from the gear of the system and realize that the root of the tree is not connected to the ground. The world is set aside to give way to a man who knows where he’s going. You may have doubts about where you’re going or if you’re wrong, put a new target in front of you. Abnormal thoughtful people always leave a mark on others’ minds. Everything begins with thinking. This action separates you from the herd and then lets you choose your way.