The attempt to make sense of the existence of man is like a portal that opens to a better self. Perhaps this is why, in order not to be enslaved, the real thing is to know that we are never a single element, because each of us is actually the product of perfect complexity.

universe and human ile ilgili görsel sonucu

And when man came into the world, the universe became acquainted with the most complex creature. The most intense emotions, the most creative thoughts, the most beautiful inventions, the greatest achievements have been people.

But the man who did all this was forced to find a single self. After all, he was the most complex creature. No matter how hard the effort, even today, the human race, who has found itself fully, has also deserved to be in the universe again as the most damaging being.

For centuries there has been another aspect in every examination of human psychology. Everything we found allowed us to be able to recognize and define ourselves, but it was never fully sufficient. While it is relatively accepted that man is the creator of his own personality, the effects of our experiences on our self-construction process have also been seen to be undeniable.

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While internalizing that this whole process is a product of accumulation, some have partially relieved some, it has not been enough to remove some of them from the existential crisis. From time to time this complexity causes man to be enslaved.