We are bombarded to get something out of necessity from time to time. If I need it, what if I need it? Our minds are turning.

consumer society ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The ironic side of the job is that you will need to hide the items stored in the moment when you need something, but the most unnecessary moments come out. Collecting too much stuff that wouldn’t be necessary would both reduce the quality, quality and load of the goods. Remember, the clothes you’re hiding for a day, and then going to the bottom of your closet.

When you’re traveling, you can also use it to fill the suitcases. All these surpluses that permeate every area of ​​our lives engage in our habitat as well as our minds and weights. Maybe we’re not aware, but we’re not comfortable because of what we might need.

consumer society ile ilgili görsel sonucu

It doesn’t make you happy. Dependent doing, narrowed and wrapped in four hands, but not happy. He’s putting on shackles, making him prisoner, giving him trouble. The redundancies take our will and it makes us obsessed. Because he doesn’t know what he wants, he transforms into a confused person who finds it difficult to make choices, gets crowded and lonely as they crowd. That should be what they call most damage. When I think about this issue, I come to mind the famous lines always;

There won’t be much in the house.
You’il be able to walk.
If you’re supposed to possess something,
You’ll own the roofs where the roofs meet.
You will own the sky,
The sun, the moon, the stars.