This is the reason why some people value others rather than themselves. They think that they do not deserve love, compassion, kindness and interest by others, they are worthless. They doubt their own values.

Fear of losing ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This is perhaps the most painful method of insulting yourself. On the other hand, they always expect the value they cannot find in the people they value. People who often pay attention to them to see a little bit of love to give them a lot of love and fear of losing them with the fear of people in the face of the slightest irrelevant or insulting people in the face of both people and find themselves in the face of the crime.

Some may have more unconscious reasons for this. For example, what is called thin thought can be a feeling of pity. You may feel the love that you don’t see from others, and give it to the other person. You may be shivering to feel sorry for experiencing the lovelessness.

Ä°lgili resim

There must always be a balance in the value that man gives to others and to themselves. While you can completely forget yourself and dedicate yourself to others and come to the brink of altruism, you can completely forget others and see yourself as a narcissist.