Month: July 2019

Courage and initiative

The moon will travel all day in Gemini. Mars is transitioning to Leo and will travel until 18 August. This period firstly points out that ego, arrogance and arrogant behaviors will harm the relations.

initiative ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We may want to shine, get into the eye, draw the spotlights on us, but we don’t have to show off with foolishness, but with hand and face.

In this process, we need to do in a more constructive, unifying way, not aggressive, angry, overly bossy. We will be able to demonstrate our self-confident, managing properties much more easily.

Courage and desire to take initiative will be more prominent. We will want to have a single say in every kind of work we deal with, we will be very stable in our decisions and will be quite closed to all the criticisms that may come from outside.

Ä°lgili resim

It would be right for us to do our work without establishing strong and rigorous domination over others. We can pretend to be little kids running after victories. But the more arrogant and arrogant we treat the people around us, the more alone we are, the more we need to be careful.

Time Expansion

Since space-time is a homogeneous structure, movement in space influences movement in time. The greatest speed of room time is equivalent to the speed of light. The speed circulation in this homogeneous structure is likewise controlled by the speed of light.

Time Expansion ile ilgili görsel sonucu

For instance, since we don’t move in space while stopping, we move just in time. Contrasted with the speed furthest reaches of the universe, we can see exceptionally moderate moving animals, however when we begin to move there is a log jam that isn’t reflected in our observations.

As separations increment and are communicated in light years, both this development and the heading of development detectably change the course of time. Assume we have a twin. We are taking him on an extraordinary experience with a spaceship at a speed moving toward the speed of light to find obscure pieces of the universe. In the event that a year had gone for us looking out for Earth, if our twin had returned here to share recollections of his voyage, he would have discovered us matured.

Time Expansion ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This image displayed by Einstein about the idea of time demonstrates that reality has a bendable structure.