Fatigue of Years

I’m having a tight and empty period where I’ve fallen for a couple of years. The days are not chasing each other anymore, and my faith in my hometown, which pushes my limits, is decreasing day by day.

I haven’t been able to enjoy my beard yet, and it’s a fight with it every day. Suddenly pushing me into this struggle.


Whoever is around me is leaving and does not play any longer to hear a happy voice on phones. In a time when everything was built upon the shouting that I could not resist and lose, a phone call came from Istanbul.

I teach a few hours a day in a high school where rich children are taught. I resist, but it doesn’t help. My beards, as if I’m getting yellowed and faded leaves on my face. The years wear me down quickly.

Trying to cook something different

Hi everyone,

Normally cooking is not my thing but this morning I watched TV and there I saw a different recept and it seems really delicious. So I decided to try it too. I went to the fridge to look what we have in house so I had almost everything to make it.

You need some ground meet I had 300gr I think and one onion and some red peper for its inside. You need to cut the onion and peper into small pieces and mix them all together. After that i fill a wrap with this mix and roll it. Than I cut them to little pieces. Here you can make its size for your self to fit them into oven dish. A little oil with some herbs in it need to be cooked for the top and give it to oven for 30 minutes.

After taking it out the oven put some yougurt on it and on the top you need to cook again some butter with garlic and herbs. This will make its taste better with yougurt.

Of course don’t forget to make a salad and enjoy your meal :))

Here below you can find some pictures of it.