Using Brain Power

 People use only one percent of their brain power! So let me tell you, we’re using only 10% of our brain power. You can look at reliable sources of information, such as Wikipedia, which prove that there is nothing more than a myth.

Brain Power ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Let’s make it more clear to you, the human brain is a powerful thing with extraordinary abilities. On how to use it, I would say it is more about efficiency.

The important thing is how much time and energy are used and what things are in mind. Useful and important things should be given more priority and less important things should be done later.

Brain Power ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Productivity gives you the ability to prioritize things that are good habits and have a great impact on a human lifestyle.

 So my suggestion would be to be the best observer of all things, not to ignore the rest and to continue to collect more Information.

Solution-Oriented People

People need someone who can always lean on, trust us, tell our problems, be transparent enough to tell us what they don’t like about us in our actions. We need someone to encourage and motivate our dreams, so we love it.

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We do, because if we’re lucky to marry the right match, they can be supportive enough to allow us to find and reach our goal in life.

We love it because we need someone to be with us during the trial.

We also like it because God is satisfied with a united family that only problems cannot prevent their love.

Solution-Oriented People ile ilgili görsel sonucu

There are always misunderstandings in a relationship. This misunderstanding strengthens the bond and enables us to understand how much we love people in our lives.

Mature brains can never leave because of small quarrels, debates or misunderstandings.