Everybody knows that one day you’re going to die, this fact is hidden in everyone, but how is it covered up like there’s no such thing? There is no goal, no plan, no beginning, no end, there is only an infinite turn that opens, curls and opens again.

Catch Time ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We are in a situation where nothing comes back the same, the potential comes in differences, the important thing is to understand the difference and the repetition of the content, the time trying to capture and the biggest obstacle in catching it.

No one in the society holds my hand that the end of his escape is failure. Someone who wants to be an actor, criticizes the actors, says that they are better than them, someone who loves books can write better than many writers. Those who think; No one cares, nobody will steal your door and your life will stand up to your feet.

If you’re not just focused on yourself, universal events are a bit difficult for you to be peaceful if it concerns you. One is happy when a person first knows himself, then another, and then again. Happiness is freedom, freedom is free.

Ä°lgili resim

Man can do wrong at any age, we do not see the truth without making a mistake, we all know the truth, the wrong way to do it too much later understand that time passes.