There is no coincidence, love is no coincidence, there is no coincidence of delayedness, virtue, value. There is no coincidence in the universe even in the existing energy. Everything is the result of what we do or a game. There is such a thing as a lie-a-lie feeling of the Versin. Everything is interconnected, everything is pre-determined, but we bind coincidence. If there really is coincidence, it is singularity. Everything sits inside a plan, but we think it’s a coincidence with our limited minds, everything has a reason, even the wire that’s falling off the hair.

Coincidence ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Everything moves in a certain chain of possibilities, not by chance, but by fate destroying a pre-written program of man, man writes his own destiny. The effect and response result is a new beginning. Everything has a cause, a consequence.

We are the beings living on the granite rotating around the sun that corresponds to the size of the pinhead in the universe. The nature of existence; The audit is not the dialectic of nature, it has mirroring its own property.

What you call coincidence or random is an approximation, which is an approximation given to that unpredictable viewpoint. You will live forward and only then realize the necessities of this obligation. The future will always remain an enigma, because you cannot see all the variables.

Happy to be happy ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Nothing is in vain, it is the test, if you have enough patience, you will find the way. We do not know that those who appear to be evil are not, we look at our way of saying goodbye.