Solitude With Courage

Life doesn’t recognize you as long as your cowardice. Sometimes there are so many turning points in your life that you find yourself on the other side of the curve when you think about how to do it.

Solitude ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Most of the time, you have to make quick decisions to live almost always; but this decision can drag you into the abyss, or you can make a different direction to your life.

One sees that no one cares at how you feel at this time, how you turn out of sharp bends. They just pretend to be happy when they see you on the abyss, happy to see you cross the corner.

Isn’t life like that? Most of the time we are making it sound like; As if it was beautiful, it would not end. Let’s continue to make life like it is. You, yes, you’re here right now, you’re not, you’re not. You’re real. The sharp bends you can put on the past can be a day’s end! That’s when you really get past your life.

Solitude ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Be brave without the past; whatever happens! As courage grows, loneliness can increase, because people cannot stand with anyone braver than themselves. You be brave, even if you’re a loner. A brave loneliness is always better than timid crowds.

Going is courage

I’m not indispensable, nobody’s indispensable. Depending on where it lives in our lives, only some people leave the trail. As long as we live, we are happy if we can touch someone’s life like a magic wand.

leave ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The joy of a person is a problem for the other. I don’t know how people know I’ve known myself. Whoever it is, no need to keep silent against injustice. Once silent, the blindfolded eyes turn even faster.

The world must be the world of the righteous. But everyone sees, hears, he’s doing his job.

No one can fill my gap when you go do not go by account, the necessary conditions have been created or created to go. Kim, where it fills, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is who to replace them with.

Ä°lgili resim

It is your courage to go knowing your value. Sometimes it is peace to go to bear, happiness. The tombs are full of people who have reached the end of their lives in the world.