It’s time to chew the rules, let’s enjoy life. The other day in a very troubled memory, I decided to go home with public cars and walked around a lot. As I walked I looked up at the sky and I really had a bit of trouble in me.

Ä°lgili resim

Life isn’t pink, after all, not even at all. Pollyanism is not always played. You fool yourself. It’s worse to be happy with the little things, but it’s worse to count on the spot unless you step. It is necessary to create pleasant moments in order to get dust in the dust without dust.

Each sheep is hung by his own leg, no one will remove. What do we have to do? We have to put our coffee and make it more meaningful in the morning.

At least one day of the week to separate himself. When you wake up one morning outside of the routine you do every day, try to look as far as you can without looking at the sky, and draw the fresh air into it. Then put your coffee and smell it. Laze her for 1-2 hours, drop the house on that day. Even when you dress up, you can dress up your clothes. Somehow, keep your sweater somewhere else.

Leave your bed and leave it scattered. Let the kitchen be scattered. Don’t do the cleaning. Wash your hair, go wash your hair salon. Forget the necessity of shopping. Then come home again. If you want to go out of the city alone and just focus on the gap. If you have a cat, love to caress it.

Let It Messy ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Give me a hug, plan for the evening. If you have children, play games, have fun, open music. Or leave your mother alone. Here’s a day like this. Because people need at least 1 day a week. Maybe to look at the empty wall and the silence. It’s one morning of every evening, don’t forget to look at the sun, look at the sky and leave it scattered once in a while