We create our self

Everybody says they ought to be conscious, however nobody does. The purpose behind this might be that the regard of being deferential is considered as virtue in the public arena. Individuals can believe that they will be manhandled and regard their condition on the off chance that they carry on in a neighborly and aware path to the person.

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On the off chance that we clarify something very similar through sexual orientation standards, society matches manliness with manliness and womanliness with gentility. On the off chance that you are a ladylike man, you can be barred in the general public. In the event that I show regard for the injurious thought of ​​a ladylike male as a companion if the start of the continuation of the more full will be loaded with standards can experience the arrangement.

This circumstance comes back to the avoided individual due to his personality as an otherworldly emergency since man is a social being. He needs to talk, share, feel.

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Since with these molds we originally hit the youngster’s disposition and self. We are sitting tight for him to be who he wouldn’t like to be from, to do what he wouldn’t like to cherish, to transform from the personality to the self image that we have made.

Getting Rid of the Chain of Self

Every person wants to have the best and the most beautiful in every life. At the same time, whatever he wants, he just wants it for himself and always tries for it. Sometimes he would be very selfish in accomplishing this effort and he had it because he had what he wanted.

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Then we know that my site, why do I start. It wasn’t a succession, and the criminal would always be the other party. Nobody would have even thought it would be the fault.

This is why we are beginning to narrow down and become lonely. Life didn’t understand us when it made us. We got stupid as our phones got smart. Every day we have lost our own self and turned into other people to realize our ever-increasing demands.

Now people just live to satisfy their own desires and we lose our sense of identity. It was like a bleeding and unclear wound. At the moment, this loss seems to have no harm to anyone, but one day everyone will lose the sense of this sense of being lost, and unfortunately it will be too late.

benlik ile ilgili görsel sonucu

I wish there were organizations that brought people together frequently in every country. If we turn each other into a world where we live as brothers and sisters, our world is our own. I wish people would realize that we’re happier than self. It would be nice to stop these loneliness before it was delayed, and now that these selfish battles, where the giants fought, and those on the lawn, stopped.