Life consists of many experiences. Thanks to these experiences you will advance and have a specific strategy. Of course, every experience brings success, as well as failures and bad memories. But somehow it will succeed, you will be alive today.

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Individuals who think that they will stay in the same course for several times and individuals who have ruminative tendencies also have sleep problems, eating problems, self-harm and post-traumatic stress disorders.

 According to the researches, the reason why women have depressive symptoms twice more than men is rumination. Ruminative thinking puts the individual into a more depressive mood. In other words, the more you think about it, the more depressive your mood is to deal with.

In addition, the studies indicate that people who live a psychosocally active life have less ruminative responses than people who are living alone and passively.

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Therefore, instead of creating many different windows about their lives, individuals who are enslaved to ruminative thought are the ones who look at the same window and focus on all the negative. They think they exist and don’t survive.

Are you one of those who are constantly captured by the winds of the day by removing the leaves from the calendar? Do you want to say that your sentences are better than those that start with good? You can’t get a step forward today?