Trust has no basis, it occurs over time. Sometimes people can’t even rely on themselves, they do what they say they don’t like, they love what they say they don’t like, they eat what they don’t eat, they drink what they don’t drink and they come to trust someone more than they do.

Trust ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The most important rule of honesty is tough-eyed, it is difficult to expect such a feature from humans. Because the value judgments have changed wholesale, we live in a world where money opens every door. The day is ominous everywhere, everyone is bogged down in a swamp for sale. In this situation, we must look at the mirror and be proud of ourselves and continue the struggle.

Some people’s aim is to make chaos and to live with it, others to pursue good things and to try to make new designs and inventions so that people can live quality life.

Trust and Time ile ilgili görsel sonucu

It is nice to reach the goal, to boast, to get older to forget the way you come is the signals of the transformation. This is a good sign if you are able to reach your goal without losing your human values, but if you have disobedient sovereignty in your place, you will be excluded and thrown out.