People who leave traces in their lives, those who are not forgotten are definitely good, bad, everything. To forget what should be taken in the zigzags of life, to keep what should remain, unless the brain and heart are turned into trash.

Life is a theater scene ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Sincerity is a magic key that opens every door, and it is the same key that closes every door. It is rare that those who succeed in finding good excuses can achieve other things. They make themselves unhappy with their own viewpoints, because the sense of belonging and belonging comes from the heart. First of all, good and bad must be sincere what is being done.

As long as you run after the world, your king. When you turn away from him, you become his sultan. Everything is lived in the infinite moment. Isn’t it always? When you give up or something you’ve longed for or you’re looking for with a great desire, you can not know what to do inside of what you do when you are caught unprepared, your eyes are surprised.

The departures have gone, where are the remaining steps. In fact, what comes from what is going on, where everyone has been from the beginning. The most sad moment of life is when you realize that you are not a flower that opens in the garden of the person you are seasoned with. This is where everyone is because he understands his name.

Ä°lgili resim

People who do not want to break despite being broken, go quietly. Again in the presence of the waiting is comfortable in the absence of waiting. Life is not a game to be won or lost. Don’t overdo it, enjoy the process. Our time is not unnecessary enough to be spent on unnecessary people.